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A place where the 'cuno can spill her thoughts out to ya all!


Sunday, December 23, 2001


Well,before I go and try to work myself into fittness at the gym,then go for a surf in the beach I'd though you'd like to know that some ppl are so rude,inconsiderate of others feelings even if they don't "mean" it.

I know,I have said pretty inconsirderate things before..but not as bad as I had just been called.

I know I know,its not that bad,but its what the words represent is what hurts. :(
I have been through a painful experiance,and to be remind of it *shudder* is not on.

So bye.I'll type next when I get back,( if I haven't killed myself,from lifting those weights) Oo

No words can describe my tears
No words can heal my broken heart
My dream is gone
There is no hope
Hi pplz

Well I have finished the RPG's card!Well,you can't see half the peoples because there in the back ground and yeah,but I think its cute!^_^

I did do Cuno and all them aswell but she got cut out!:( Ohwell,shes not a real player anyway..

Anyway,if you pplz from the rpg are reading this,go to Koukou were I am uploading!


Saturday, December 22, 2001


Well,I have finioshed Vap's X-mas "card" and I am up-loading it to!

I am making on fer the RPG and for some frined,,maybe crysta,scribb,wonder staretc.

byebye!*gets to work drawing!*

Friday, December 21, 2001

Hi everyone!

Well,I have (copyed) drawen some art.I had writers/artists block for a few days now,but I've sprionged back with some poses/clothes/expressions that are copyed.

I know,I know,copying is bad,but I give full creit to the people I copyed it from!

Thats not so bad is it now?I'm sorry,poor pplz who I have copyed!:(
But,I will put a link up onto your site so every1 can see yours!*sweatdrop* bye!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2001


Well,something reallly freaky happened the other night.Someone broke into our house.

They stole our TV and my gameboy(for what reason,I don't know? it is also known that they unhooked my sony from under the TV and took that too. :(

Barstards,the lot of em! :(

And I was sleeping in my room,when they took my gameboy from my bedside table.Creepy.

Arti again!Isn't this server great?I'm having sooo much fun! :) and you should be too,listening to me ramble on and on.

Anyhow,I've got noooo idea wat to do fer scribbs art trade,after the MOSTER picture ive drawn fer school,its taken all the drawningless out of me!;)

And,Koukou is goning fine sos

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Hi everyone!
Well,I have got a new affilate for my website,(dun know her name yet though) and I have also created a new sub-site.:)
Anyway,I am feeling fine ATM and I have sorta got a pictures rready to upload.
Also what really peeves me is that topcities keeps going offline and stuff.Its really driving me mad.><


Sunday, December 16, 2001

Arti heres!